We are a team of marriage and family educators with a passion for building strong family relationships.  We have over 20 years of experience in teaching practical skills for building, strengthening, and restoring marriages and families.  The team consists of couples who are firmly committed to their own marriages and have made a decision to continue to learn and apply skills to build their marriages as well as impact others.
We provide a "safe place" to render services and resources to help couples get their marriags on track, stay in tact and have high impact.  Marriage and family life skills are taught through educational seminars, workshops, retreats and literature that include the following issues:
        • Conflict resolution
        • Discovering your purpose
        • Communication skills
        • Parenting
        • Handling hurts
        • Anger Management
About Us
Marriage & Family Life Educators
High Impact Marriage Builders
      Building marriages, impacting families.
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