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Recreate Your Marriage


High Impact Marriage Builders


Are you tired of struggling to communicate in a marriage that seems to be falling apart?  Just as a house needs maintenance, repair, and remodeling, so does a marriage.  We provide online educational tools and practical skills from a biblical perspective to help you build or recreate the marriage you desire.
Marriage is hard work. 
Why not have some fun while you work. 

We teach you how to have fun while the work gets done!

Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so? 

- Amos 3:3  NIV

We will help you develop a mission statement for your marriage that will become your blueprint for success in your marriage-building experience.

Walk Together


Individual Couple Time
Group Couple Time
Clergy Couple Care
Seminars and Workshops


High Impact Marriage Builders is a marriage and family life education service founded by Leroy and Regina Gilliam.  Our journey began with a love for family and a deep desire to gain and share life skills to build healthy relationships, starting with our own. With our passion for marriage and family and our unique ability to sort through the clutter in these areas, we launched High Impact Marriage Builders to build, educate, equip and impact others in marriage, family, and relationship-building skills. 

We have over forty years of experience in teaching marriage and relationship skills. For those who may be resistant to "counseling," our educational services are for you. Our style is simple, practical, and non-threatening. We will help you with premarital skills, marriage maintenance, conflict clarity, and many other family life and relationship challenges.  Allow us to equip you with tools to build your marriage and impact others today! 

Get your marriage on track, keep your family intact and have a relationship of high impact!

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